Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney

Making a will reduces costs and responsibilities for those surviving you. Many are reluctant to make a will. They put off dealing with this simple task. We can ensure that your wishes are included in your will which to be valid must be carefully drafted and executed in accordance with Irish law. The assets of a person who dies without a will (intestate) will not be distributed according to the deceased’s wishes but to those persons who are entitled according to law.

If you wish to make sure that on your death your property goes to the person of your choice and that your family members are properly provided for, we strongly advise you to make your will with us.

Enduring Power of Attorney
It is advisable that everyone, especially those who have retired, validly appoint persons to take care of their business affairs. Such an appointment can be for an indefinite period so that should you no longer be able or fit to manage your affairs or no longer have capacity to contract, the persons that you have appointed can do these things for you. Creating an Enduring Power of Attorney is a complex procedure and requires the advice of a solicitor. We are experienced in the procedures and are happy to bring you through the process and to advise you regarding both making a will and creating Enduring Power of Attorney.

Please contact us if you have any questions.