Duncan Grehan & Partners are experienced in dealing with both the prosecution and defence of medical negligence claims. Duncan Grehan and Conor Griffin are frequently asked by the indemnity bodies of medical practitioners to defend high value and complex claims of negligence brought against their insured in the High Court. Medical negligence actions can involve issues of misdiagnosis, delayed, incorrect or insufficient treatment, infections or lack of disclosure. Our 30 years of experience in defence litigation allows us to work efficiently with the indemnity bodies to process such claims to a satisfactory conclusion.

We also offer help and advice on all aspects of medical negligence law to patients who may feel their treatment has been carried out incorrectly. A straightforward medical procedure can result in ongoing problems for patients if they are performed negligently. The consequences may not be immediately apparent and may take some time to be discovered.

Claims arising from medical negligence cannot be processed through the Injuries Board in Ireland and accordingly court proceedings must be issued. An  There are time limitations under Irish law within which any claim must be brought against the medical practitioner or organisation and accordingly it is important that legal advice is taken at the earliest possible opportunity.

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