Litigation & Court Work

Duncan Grehan & Partners is particularly experienced in resolving disputes and claims through negotiation and settlement or through the public courts or mediation or private arbitration on behalf of Irish and foreign-based manufacturers, suppliers, insurers and private companies arising from breaches of contract, statute and negligent acts or omissions arising in Ireland. Our experience assists in the speedy identification of issues, points of proof and the assimilation of relevant information. Our office is supported in this work by its networked computer systems and, significantly, its direct access to the specialist leading Irish Counsel and Barristers. Issues of jurisdiction and applicable law are matters concerning us daily. The mediation of disputes and compensation claims both of a commercial nature and those arising from personal injury are increasingly recommended. We set out below a selection of the areas for which our international and home-based clients use us for:

Duncan Grehan & Partners do not engage in percentage charging. It is illegal for solicitors in Ireland to take a percentage of any compensation awarded in court proceedings.