Irish Property/ Real Estate


Duncan Grehan & Partners is involved on a daily basis in the issues associated with the purchase, acquisition and maintenance of commercial and residential property and real estate in Ireland. Our commercial clients rely on us when acquiring and disposing of their freehold and leasehold premises as the occasion arises. We assist in rent reviews, real estate investment projects and all allied areas including the dealing with State sponsored agencies and Local Authorities. Equally, we act for private clients in the purchase and sale of houses, holiday homes, farms and sports facilities such as fisheries, equestrian centres or golf courses throughout Ireland. We have a deep understanding of all issues of concern to persons interested in purchasing and investing in property in Ireland who are located outside of Ireland. We have assisted companies and individuals world-wide including America, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Hong-Kong by way of random example, in this way

We offer keen rates for first time buyers and have a dedicated and efficient property unit to easily process your sale or purchase.

For further information please click on any of the following articles which we have prepared regarding the purchase and sale of property in Ireland.

Guide to the Purchase of Property in Ireland

Brief outline to the Purchase and Sale of Property

For further information see ‘Duncan Grehan & Partners’ chapter on Irish Property Law in the International Real Estate Handbook: Acquisition, Ownership and Sale of Real Estate Residence, Tax and Inheritance (2005) ed. Christian H. Kälin, published by John Wiley & Sons. This book is also available in German.

There is also a detailed chapter written by Duncan Grehan & Conor Griffin on property law in Ireland in ‘Handbuch Immobilienrecht in Europa’ (2007) ed. Frank/Wachter published by C.F. Müller.

Property Investments in Germany:
Duncan Grehan & Partners can facilitate Irish investors in the German market by providing advices in alliance with German lawyers with whom we work closely so as to render the investment project less adventurous, less risky and less trouble. Individuals and syndicates of Irish property investors see opportunities in the German market and with our German language skills we can become an important part of the coordinating advisory team. Please contact Duncan Grehan if you want any further information or his assistance with a particular proposal.