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The costs, delays, uncertainty and publicity involved in dispute resolution by a court, Tribunal or other adjudicator increasingly is leading to the implementation of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures. Mediation is the most favoured and it is recommended and practiced by us. Mediation facilitates the settlement of disputes by the parties in a private, cost effective and binding way where the parties in dispute are able to find and agree a settlement basis within self-imposed parameters. Mediation can preserve business and personal relationships which are often irreparably damaged by the court process. Time and money may be saved. Even should the mediation process not result in settlement, it will normally result in agreement on facts and issues which will not then need to be proven at any subsequent court hearing and which may open the door to settlement at a later occasion.

This firm supports its clients during the mediation process. It also provides independent mediation services and is less at risk in relation to there being a conflict of interest due to the firm’s small size.

Duncan Grehan is a CEDR Accredited Mediator. The London-based, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution has established cutting-edge standards of alternative dispute resolution training and mediation services since the early 1990s.

Duncan Grehan is associated with the newly-formed Irish Commercial Mediation Association. With the substantial reforms introduced into Court Work and Litigation in 2004, the resolution of commercial claims and claims for compensation for personal injuries by the mediation process is highly regarded and well looked upon by the Legislature and by the Judiciary. Disputing parties who have refused to engage in mediation may face sanctions and penalties by the court even if these claims are upheld. Given the high cost risk of litigation in Ireland, Duncan Grehan & Partners recommend mediation as an alternative method of commercial dispute resolution.