Foreign Investment

The rapid changes in Ireland’s capital economy in its first phase during the 1960s and during the “Celtic Tiger” phase of the 1990s is due largely to its infrastructure, of State aids and agencies and its legislative architecture. The 10% corporation tax rate which reigned for much of the post-war period of the 20th century has been replaced in the 21st century by a 12.5% rate for all corporations across the board. Coupled with its stable political situation, prospering economy, well-educated workforce and its membership of the European Union since 1973, Ireland is well established as a favoured inward investment location. Its most important trading partners are English, American and German and this firm has serviced investors from those jurisdictions for many years.

We are particularly associated with our advice to the German-speaking world with close links to public and private agencies, associations, networks and law firms throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We assist investors at all phases of their involvement in Ireland. Frequently our work is with suppliers to the Irish market. We also assist foreign investors in establishing their operations here in Ireland to include a review of all government subvention agreements arranged by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Enterprise Ireland or other agencies, the purchase or leasing of buildings and premises, the establishment of Irish corporations and the registration of Irish branches. We are often contacted at the second phase of a company’s involvement in Ireland where it is changing premises, becoming involved in commercial litigation, needs employment law or general commercial law advice. At a third phase we provide advices in relation to acquisitions and expansions, or the dissolution and winding up of the operation.