Breach of Contract

Much of the breach of contract work which Duncan Grehan & Partners have done during the past 28 years arises from the international sale of goods and supply of services. Typically, the breach will be the non-payment of the supplier’s invoice. We are then contacted by the foreign supplier to engage the debtor. We are familiar with the range of complications and side issues which can arise from the situation. This will include advice on applicable law, court jurisdiction issues, ownership of the goods supplied and retention of title until payment, insolvency and creditor’s rights, injunctions to preserve the goods, and the assessment of liability and of damages. Breach of contract disputes can arise as between shareholders of a company or partners or as between a distributor and its foreign supplier. In each case a careful review of the contract documentation will be required as a preliminary before cost incurring measures are undertaken.

Dispute resolution is via negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or court decision.