Employment Law

Duncan Grehan & Partners is experienced in dealing with employment law matters for both commercial clients and employees. We offer help and advice on all aspects of employment law to include drafting employment contracts, the employer/employee relationship, unfair dismissal, termination of contracts, health and safety in the workplace, setting up disciplinary procedures, bullying and harassment and all aspects of employment legislation. We are experienced in representing clients before Employment Tribunals and Courts.

Termination of Contracts of Employment

The lawful termination of employment is a complex issue. That can be to the advantage and disadvantage of both employee and employer. In any event termination has to be fair. That means following a fair procedure compliant with the statute law, the employment contract and the rules of natural justice. Due notice of termination is critical.

Termination arises for various reasons. The main reasons in Ireland are misconduct of the employee, redundancy and expiration of the contract.

We are experienced in advising both employers and employees and are available to advise you. For more information on our employment law services contact Conor Griffin.

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