Debt Collection – Foreign Judgements

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Due to the economic downturn of the Irish economy and the worldwide recession the importance of debt collection has come to the fore as a result of the lack of liquidity in the marketplace. It has been magnified since 2008 with the collapse of many worldwide financial institutions. Consequently, banks have either withdrawn or reduced credit facilities to business and the impact has led to firms being unable to discharge their debts in a timely fashion due to the diminished circular flow of funds. This is a time for careful credit control and we can assist you with debt collection services.

Our Skills:
Our firm is skilled and experienced in debt collection procedures and the enforcement of foreign court judgements in Ireland. We have been collecting debts on behalf of foreign suppliers to the Irish market for some 25 years and we have a particular reputation for legal issues of trade between Ireland and the German speaking countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Many of our staff are German speakers.

Jurisdiction & Costs:
The monetary jurisdictions of the Irish Courts are currently as follows:
District Court: To € 6,348.69
Circuit Court: € 6,348.69 – 38,092.14
High Court: From € 38,092.14

Our debt collection fees take account of these monetary jurisdictions and the costs involved in the processing of debt collection. We can get to you a cost quotation and letter outlining procedures on the day we receive your request.

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