Duncan Grehan appointed Vice President of GALA Global Network

DuncanĀ served asĀ  President of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance, EMEA region, for a 2-year term, January 2013 – December 2014 and was appointed in 2015 at the GALA AGM . GALA is a network of specialist law firms in over 60 countries around the world providing advertising and marketing law services and general IP advices. Originally set up in 1989 as the European Advertising Lawyers Association (EALA), of which Duncan was a founding member, during the 1990s it was rebranded as GALA and commenced its expansion into a global organisation with three regional committees to cover the Americas, Australia and Far East and the EMEA region. Duncan Grehan & Partners Solicitors is a law firm in Dublin, Ireland, providing legal clearance and compliance services of advertising, marketing, promotions and competitions materials intended for the market in Ireland. The firm has a strong litigation and dispute resolution reputation and experience. It was set up by Duncan in 1984.