The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) is the Irish industry self-regulatory authority. During the course of 2002 the ASAI processed 1,174 complaints relating to 776 advertisements.

  • 45% of complaints were on the grounds that the advertisements were offensive while 42% were on the grounds of misleading advertising.
  • The computers/telecommunications sector received the highest number of complaints at 163.
  • The food & beverages sector came in second with 157 complaints.
  • Advertisements for alcoholic drinks ranked 7th of 19 sectors, in the number of complaints received.
  • For complaints assessed by media, TV advertising attracted the highest number of complaints at 269 followed by outdoor advertising with 251 complaints.

The Independent Complaints Committee of the ASAI considers and adjudicates on complaints submitted to it by the public, a Member of the ASAI, a Government Department, or by any other person or body of persons, in light of the ASAI Code of Advertising Standards.

  • In 2002 the Committee adjudicated on 50 complaints relating to 21 advertisements for alcohol and found 14 of them to be in breach of the code.
  • 44 complaints relating to 7 advertisements in the food & beverages sector were adjudicated upon with 5 of them being found to be in breach of the code.
  • For complaints adjudicated upon by media, 112 complaints relating to outdoor advertising were adjudicated upon regarding 14 ads, with 13 of them being found to be in breach of the code.
  • Out of 30 complaints relating to the print media (press & magazine) regarding 28 ads, 18 of these were found to be in breach.
  • In its quarterly report of 30/06/03 the Independent Complaints Committee detailed its recent adjudications on complaints about 21 advertisements. It found 18 of the advertisements in breach of the Code on grounds including decency, honesty and being misleading. The ads appeared on television, radio, press and posters.