Marketing, Sales and Distribution Arrangements in Ireland  for Groceries and Alcohol Products

From 1 February 2016 Irish law places new limits on the commercial arrangements between wholesalers, retailers and suppliers of grocery goods and alcohol products in the Irish marketplace whose worldwide turnover exceeds €50 million.

Conor Pope, Consumer Affairs Correspondent for The Irish Times, wrote on 02/02/2016 under the banner headline “Protection for Suppliers in New Retail Law” that:

Large grocery chains are now prohibited from charging suppliers for shelf space or forcing them to pay for promotions as part of a major overhaul of retail rules which were signed into law yesterday.”

At the Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance AGM held April 2016 in Chicago, USA, Duncan Grehan presented to GALA lawyers from over 85 countries worldwide the following key information on how the Grocery Regulation 2016 imposes mandatory terms in the contracts between wholesalers, suppliers and retailers of grocery goods and alcohol.

For Duncan Grehan’s full article to the annual meeting of GALA in Chicago in April 2016 and as published in its Gazette, click on here”.

Mr Grehan has also published an article in the Newsletter of the Product Law Advertising Committee of the International Bar Association about these new restrictions on contractual arrangements for the supply of groceries and alcohol products which, since February 2016, are now Irish law. He makes the point that the Groceries Regulation 2016 places affected players in the Irish market for locally and internationally sourced food products and alcohol beverages at considerable risk unless their contractual arrangements are compliant. The consequences for non-compliance will make those arrangements void, voidable or invalid and place those involved at risk of criminal conviction, fines, imprisonment, injunctions and damages

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