ASAI broadens its digital reach

The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) has extended its Code of Standards for Advertising, Promotional and Direct Marketing to now include marketing communications on advertisers social media profile pages and other non paid for space online as well as viral advertising. In certain circumstances user generated content on social media sites may also fall within the new remit. The amendments to the Code took effect on 2nd January 2013. There will be a 3 month grace period where the ASAI will investigate complaints informally but no formal decisions will be made against advertisers in breach of the new rules.

Prior to this amendment the ASAI code did apply to online marketing communications such as emails, banner or pop up advertising and advertisers own websites however the increasing use of social media and viral advertising as a method of advertising saw the ASAI extends its remit following a review in 2012. In making the amendments they have also confirmed their awareness that digital media is constantly evolving and they will continue to review their Code to ensure the remit remains as comprehensive as possible.

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