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April 2015 -Duncan Grehan appointed Vice President of GALA Global Network

Duncan Grehan and Conor Griffin are experienced in issues of advertising practice, marketing and sales promotion law.

Duncan Grehan & Partners provide clearance advice on advertising copy, passing off, trademark infringement, competitions, promotions, lotteries and transactions and documentation associated with the industry, agencies and advertisers. We advise on the Irish self-regulatory regime controlling advertising standards as well as the statutory and common law control. We are experienced in advising on compliance with the Gaming and Lotteries Acts, sweepstakes and other forms of sales promotions.

We are the member for Ireland of the Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance (GALA) . This is a global network of lawyers which have specialist practical knowledge in advertising, marketing and related laws. There are more than fifty countries in the network which meet once a year and our local grouping which covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa also meets once yearly.

Additionally EMEA – GALA is a development of the European Advertising Lawyers’ Association (EALA). This firm was a member for Ireland for EALA from its formation in 1989 until its merger with GALA in 2005.

Duncan Grehan has lectured on Sponsorship Law and other subjects at conferences organised by the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI).

In July 2009 Conor Griffin presented at a seminar in the University of Limerick on the use of testimonials and endorsements in advertising.

In June 2008 Duncan Grehan presented a seminar to the Advertising and Marketing International Network (AMIN) members and their guests on a variety of advertising and sales promotion law issues.

In November 2004 Duncan Grehan presented a paper on the new BCI Children’s Advertising Code in Ireland to over 60 members of the Irish Business Employers Confederation (IBEC), representatives from the national television stations, representatives of the advertising industry and advertising agencies, the AAI and the IAPI.

In October 2004 Conor Griffin presented lectures at a seminar jointly sponsored by GALA and the AAI on Sales Promotion Law in Ireland and Children’s Advertising in Ireland to the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and the AAI together with representatives of the advertising industry and advertising agencies in Ireland. Click here to request further information on the papers from any of these seminars or go to Latest News to view a summary of the BCI Code on Children’s Advertising.

In March 2000 Duncan Grehan presented a paper outlining the Irish, UK and European Union Regulation of television sponsorship to a conference dealing with television advertising organised by ERA (Europäische Rechtsakademie) at Trier, Germany. The text of his paper deals with the international regulation of sponsorship in Europe and its regulation at national level in Ireland and in the United Kingdom, both by way of statutory regulation and self-regulation. Click here to find the text.

Duncan has contributed to some of the leading publications in this area:

  1. He has written a chapter entitled “The Regulatory Environment for Advertising in Ireland” in the leading Irish textbook on the subject, “Marketing Communications in Ireland”, Meenaghan/O’Sullivan (Ed), 1995, Oak Tree Press.
  2. He contributed the chapter on Ireland in the leading textbook “Advertising Law in Europe and North-America”, Maxeiner/Schotthöfer (Ed.) 1992, Kluwer Law; 2nd ed. 1999
  3. He wrote the chapter reporting the Irish law position in the pioneering German language textbook “Handbuch des Werberechts in den EG-Staten”. Schotthöfer (Hrsg.) 1991 (Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt KG), a revised second edition of which was published in 1997.
  4. In 2008 Duncan Grehan and Conor Griffin co-wrote the relevant chapter for Ireland in the Promotion Marketing Association book on worldwide advertising and sales promotion law.

European & World News:
For world developments, click on to the website of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) whose details are also above. Duncan Grehan & Partners is the member for Ireland of GALA.

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